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UNISEX | Down-to-Earth Knit-Coat | 68°

UNISEX | Down-to-Earth Knit-Coat | 68°

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It's free, like human spirit. 
It's wild, like horses racing in the seaside. 
Yet, it's cozy, like home smelling with apple pie.


Down-to-Earth Wool Knit Coat from our unisex collection brings you down to who you are: a free and dreamful human being.
Inspired by the mesmerising landscape viewed through an airplane window, where the land takes on unique patterns, this Knit Coat encapsulates the beauty of nature. 
Down-to-Earth holds handcrafted fringed edges and delicate feathers, symbolizing liberty and ease. Each of these details are created by hand, requiring approximately 6 hours of craftsmanship. This unisex Knit Coat boasts a relaxed fit, dropped sleeves, and a long length, designed for loose and comfortable wear with pockets for all great things.

Product details

• Created in Lithuania

• Yarns from Italy

• Hand-embroidered motifs are made by one of our sisters

• 55 % Nativa Wool. NPF Certified. 45 % Organic Cotton. GOTS Certified

Emilia is 180cm / 5’11"

Vytenis is 190cm / 6’3”


Handcrafted fringed edges and delicate feathers, which take 6 hours of craftsmanship, long length, and pockets. Unisex. It is made from traceable NATIVA™ wool and organic cotton. 

Product care

  • Hand wash cold
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron up to 100 degrees
  • Dry clean
  • Store folded
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