PnSisters and Sustainability

All PnSisters pieces are made in Lithuania. 

We create in limited quantities with a focus on sustainability, ensuring no overstock or unnecessary overproduction.

We don't chase fashion trends. Our creations are timeless, enduring pieces with no expiration date. Unbound by seasons, you can buy and wear them at any time. It is good for a snowy winter day and a breezy summer evening.

Our distinctive perspective and philosophy shine through in our cozy and comfy styles crafted from premium yarns and accessories. Upholding highest standards of responsibility, we are dedicated to sustainable practices, incorporating responsible, mulesing-free and traceable wool, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

    We are happy to introduce our fully Traceable from Sheep to shop Collection

    Discover the complete journey of our traceable wool, beginning with our collaboration with NATIVA™.

    NATIVA™ aims to bridge the gap between sustainable sourcing standards and the demands being set by today’s consumers.

    NATIVA™ is the first global wool brand to provide Blockchain traceability from farm to consumer. This transparency in the supply chain, enabled by the NATIVA™ certification and powered by Blockchain, means brands can truly show the journey of their wool.

    Full Traceability entails a clear and documented monitoring of processes, activities, and supply chains, with the goal of promoting responsible practices throughout the journey, aligning with criteria for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

    How the journey of the wool looks

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      NATIVA ™ Wool comes from certified farms in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North America, Uruguay and Argentina. They comply with strict levels of animal welfare, land management and ethical work policies.


      The finest wool is transported to NATIVA ™ certified combing mills. The greasy wool is washed, classified and dried, ready to be combed into wool tops.


      Wool tops are turned into yarns by NATIVAT™ certified spinners. Carefully testing for elasticity and resistance, wool fibers are combined to form the perfect yarn.


      Yarns becomes garments. NATIVA™ fully certify the manufacturing of products using NATIVA™ wool, and ensure ethical standards are met throughout the process.

    Our value chain

    FARMS - 1 / 4

    NATIVA™ Merino wool


    Uruguayan farmland sprawls across the countryside, crafting a canvas of gentle hills and pastures where sheep graze peacefully. It's a serene landscape, where vibrant greenery meets the endless skies, creating a tranquil rural scene. However, beyond its beauty, it's the dedicated farmers who define this land. On an average farm in Uruguay—spanning 4000 hectares, nurturing 5000 animals, and run by just 6 dedicated workers—the impact resonates far beyond the fields.

    COMBING MILL - 2 / 4

    NATIVA™ Wool Top

    Chargeurs Lanas Trinidad Combing mill


    With a heritage spanning more than a century, Lanas Trinidad stands as Uruguay's primary supplier and exporter of scoured wool and combed wool tops. Their products reach the most discerning global markets.

    Recognizing that quality originates on the farms, Lanas Trinidad is committed to empowering local producers. They assist them in adopting essential practices related to animal welfare and has always supported farmers facilitating the introduction of valuable working tools. 

    SPINNING MILL - 3 / 4

    NATIVA™ wool yarn



    Filpucci was founded in Italy, in Florence, in 1967. The company is a leader in creating fancy yarns for high-end knitwear and needlework, serving the top brands in the high-fashion industry.

    Filpucci approach emphasizes the transparency of the supply chain and careful monitoring of production impacts, highlighting two key strengths: products are crafted for longevity, minimizing waste during processing and incorporating intelligent solutions. 


    NATIVA™ wool garment



    Garlita is a family business and is run by a father and two daughters, each of them being involved in every aspect of the process. The venture of two generations has led local knitwear factory into the successful and innovative global business. Every part of the knitting process is conducted with love, care and devotion. The company employs the most sustainable and innovative methods in crafting knitted garments.